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Piper Navajo

Law 20560 to promote the industry boost a strong Argentine civil aviation industry. In order to build licensed light planes from the USA Factory Chincul located in Pocito, San Juan was founded by local empresario José María Beraza. In this case the logic dictated that the agro helped the industry to be born.It started in 1972 and was closed down… Read more →

Ae M Oe 2 flight

1974- Ae-M.Oe.2. This is the last versión of the Observation model manufactured by the Fabrica Militar de Aviones. Similar to the Ae M Oe1 it had a larger vertical Surface and a squared rudder. Modifications to the last helped to solved yaw problems. Fourteen units were manufactured for the Army in 1937. They were SOC in 1945 when the Air… Read more →

IAe-22 DL

More than 200 units were built thus becoming the largest series of airplanes manufactured at the Fábrica Militar de Aviones. It was entirely built with local wood and as the engine was the autoctonous 450 hp “El Gaucho” it was fully Argentine plane. With the fuselage painted in white and the wings in light blue the sun was painted on… Read more →