Airplane Rescue

rescate de avion exequiel martinez airplane rescue

You can appreciate the twisted and broken rotor blade. It was an island in a delta. Building bridges and roads would make it more expensive than using a plane but it could not be done because the airstrip was too short.

The length of the rope to be used to hang the plane with was calculated using two variables. If the rope was too long it would reduce the chances of having the plane swinging while in flight but it would reduce the ground effect thus needing more power which was not available given the climate. If the rope was too short it was going to be easy to lift the cargo but the transportation could be affected by the potential swinging of the cargo and it could cause an accident.

There was no time to lose and therefore I used the length I was able to calculate thanks to the many years of experience transporting cargo I had.

Luckily I was able to take off…carrying it with a lot of fear…with lots of unexpected events…but with lots of patience…and then delivered it safe and sound. This was a pioneer and never tried before operation.

On the right side of the picture I can be seen measuring the length of the rope to be used in.

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