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Fierro 3 in action

The Argentine Antiaircraft artillery was a lethal foe and prevented the enemy air force from damaging vital targets like the runway at Puerto Argentino which was the life line that connected the continent with the garrison in the islands. It was an exemplary team work by the 3 Armed Forces as their missiles and gunners were able to repel the… Read more →

Attack to Fearless

During the attacks in San Carlos Fearless (a troops transport ship that was frequently used as COC by the British) was attacked by a M5. The shot was taken by a journalist that was close to the área. The very beautiful picture shows the plane flying at high speed lower that the bridge and very close to her. It was… Read more →

Dodging missiles

ACROBACY BY A GIANT We needed information about the position of the enemy ships on their way to the Theater of Operations. Obsolete Nepute went out of service shortly after they started their operations. As the Navy did not have suitable aircraft for this mission the only possibility was to use the Boeing 707 and Lockheed C-130 of the FAA.… Read more →

Attack to Ardent

Date: 21 may 1982Story by: Cap. Higinio RoblesAircraft: M5 Dagger. Two flights left in the afternoon. 1er Ten. Luna was shot down by one of the 5 Harriers (he was last in his flight) trying to intercept the Daggers that in line ahead fly between a narrow pass made up by clouds on one side and Hornby Range on the… Read more →

Pucará in action

On May 28 at 10:30 the Pucara flown by Teniente R. F. CIMBARO (Chaco Province) and Teniente M. A. GIMENEZ rushed to help the surrounded garrison at Goose Green. They were flying at 50 mts and in and out of clouds with rain and low viz. No other plane was able to do the same…not even the Harriers. After attacking… Read more →