Lazarillo (Shepard)

lazarillo shepard malvinas war falkland war

Fénix Squadron LearJet guiding Mirage 5 to the islands.
It is based on a picture forwarded by one of the Fenix pilots (Mj. R.A. Gonzalez). Learjet VR-17 and the Shafrir armed Daggers are on an air to air mission. By using the modern executive Jets the Air Force was able to overcome the lack of accurate navigational instruments in the Daggers. This modern twin engine plane was not armed and the fighter bombers could not navigate. It was a paradox that the ones who could fight were not able to navigate and the ones that were able to navigate could not fight…The native (creole) ingenuity combined both aircrafts to successfully perform the missions.
In a joking letter to Mattasi who was at the time leading the group working on the history of the Malvinas Air war in the Air Force I compared the situation to those of the natives in my Chaco Province.
“Resistencia Reserve 17-03-93”.
“To Great Chief Narrator:
Native writer-painter send Great Chief painting of bird “Verificator warrior” leading two very brave PICHONES with three balls underneath and two arrowed wings.
White bird is Fenix. The other two not-so-Fenix. Fenix return, others carry on. Fenix return ‘cos no arrows, other two had arrows but no good sight as white bird.
These things happen in tribe, deep sight bird does not have arrows and the ones with arrows are short sighted. Great Manitu (God) help.
Native painter hopes “white Hair – Narrator – Hawk – Tough Chief Boss” receives help from Great Manitu to help for exchange in Tribe of the Air”
Beg you send food soon ‘cos native is running out of feathers.
“HUH! to everyone”
“Toba native speak in RedSkin language to receive green USA funds”

Explanation to the letter:
When I quoted the paintings Matassi requested advice from well known art critics from Buenos Aires as he considered them to be too expensive.
Critics assessed the paintings and quoted them between U$S 2,000 (poorest one) and U$S 6,000 for the best one. Then they requested other similar paintings in order to have a point of reference. The answer was that there were no others and that these are unique. Thus the final evaluation was if that was the situation then the quote had to be doubled.
Then Matassi turned around and told his team: -“Just keep it quiet and let’s pay Exequiel the U$S 600 that Exequiel wants to charge us”
Disclaimer: My quotes were without profit and constituted only 5% of the best price in the market. I was asking US dollars due to the fact that inflation in the country would not allow me to buy the materials and restock them each month…besides the fact that it was really hard to purchase them.
We were warriors in the post 1982 battle in the media and had I charged more then we would have painted less and would have lost the war.
My share of the battle was that with such a low price we were able to paint almost all the FAA actions in Malvinas in order to achieve the best communication of her performance.
As I was not a member of the Air Force anymore and because I really appreciated him he was not able to impose sactions on me. I was not reporting to him, I was a civilian with “red alpargatas (cheap soft shoes)” and that gave me the possibility to play these jokes on him.

Size: 0.,0 x 1,20 m.
For: Comisión B.A.N.I.M. in 1992.

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