Mirage III in interception (1973)

Mirage III Argentina Air Force

High altitude interceptors were in vogue after WWII due to the need to attack high flying bombers.
The Mirage was born following this concept and turned out to be the biggest Western Europe success becoming the core of the French defense system thanks to its simplicity, reliability and high performance. Delta wings had many advantages over straight and arrow winged planes.
High altitude interception was the criteria used in 1973 when I was commissioned this painting by the Moreno Air Base where they were stationed.
I imagined the interception of intruders high in the sky using the Matra 530 of the Mirage III.
In the painting the leader has already shot down his target; his #2 is firing his powerful missile away while #3 chases the other bogey. This work represents the theorical defense of the Argentine capital city which was the task allocated to these airplanes.

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