engaño, escuadron fenix, decoy

It must have been a secret because only now the “Fénix” asks me to do this painting. I was surprised by the ASTUCIA of this plot. Without doubt only human imagination can limit the use of Air Power.

To the enemy radar the eco of a Lear Jet is very similar to those of a SUE or A-4B. Pretending to be fighter bombers the “Fenix” Squadron Lears pretended to be in flight refuelling and then descended towards the enemy fleet thus forcing the Harriers to fly towards them to intercept the “Super Etendrard”, “A-4B” or “A-4C” . Once they were below the radar lobe they would turn around at full speed to return while the British were looking for them.

This ruse forced the British fighters to burn fuel while the actual fighter-bombers carried out their attack.

Painting: 11-may-82. NorEast of Isla de los Estados the planes flying to be plotted as incoming SUE by the radar of the British Task Force.

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