Attack to the Lincolns

1989 – Gloster attack to the Lincolns

War games of the 50s had the Gloster (Meteor) as the interceptos along with a radar chain and the anti aircraft guns protecting Buenos A ires. Avro Lincoln and Lancaster based in San Luis would carry out high altitude bombing missions on strategic targets. Had an enemy intended to really harm us they would had destroyed the oil refineries along the coast of the Parana river. One of the targets was to bomb these.

The painting shows the Glosters in the middle of their attack to the Lincoln over the distilleries in the Zarate-Campana area. The Achilles Heel of the heavy bomber was the lack of a ventral turret and thus the fighters would focus their attacks on that area. Diving from far away they would zoom up vertically towards the undefended belly of the bomber “firing” their 4 x 20 mm guns and then would flip and turn to avoid the tail gunners’ fire. This type of attack must have been performed by the Germans against the Lancasters…the Lincolns had the same weak point.

Dr. (in medicine) Atilio Marino is called “Doctor Gloster” among the aviation community in Argentina because of his passion for this plane.
This work was requested by Gareiso for Dr Atilio “Gloster” Marino.

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