F-86 Flight over the Aconcagua

As Argentina does not have an industry capable of a gradual change of aircraft performance these shifts happen at huge leaps. And so do the tactics to use them.

As the Pulqui II was never mass produced the North American F-86 F-30 Sabre was purchased instead.

Thus from a WWII era Gloster Meteor we jumped to a Korean War veteran.
It was a true step forward not only in technology but also operation and trainging.

USAF learnings from the Korean War were implemented and from a WWII mindset we moved to a professionalism with G suits, ejection seats, radar to aim the guns and transonic flight.

Grupo 1 de Caza-bombardeo (Fighter bomber) changed their Fiat G-55 with the Sabres thus becoming the elite Group of the FAA.

In this painting a Flight of Sabres flies by Aconcagua Mountain (the tallest in the entire American Continent)

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